Glauber Salt Thermal Baths Bad Bertrich

Immerse into health and wellness!

The spa in Bad-Bertrich is a totally new building. Here you can relax in Germany’s only Glauber Salt Thermal Baths
and find complete peace of mind. The spa is part of the special health concept of the Volcanic Eifel.

The Hotel am Schwanenweiher invites you on a short trip to the spa resort Bad Bertrich in the Volcanic Eifel.

The state spa in the southern Eifel is ideal for wellness holidays amidst magnificent nature with huge forests and the unique Glauber Salt Thermal Baths.

In the Volcanic Thermal Baths, only 300 meters from the hotel, wellness pure is waiting for you with healing thermal water and four themed saunas.The power of the natural brine is source of vitality for your wellbeing and provides for absolute relaxation during your short holiday break.


Hotel - Café - Restaurant
Am Schwanenteich 2
DE - 56864 Bad Bertrich

Phone +49 2674 9360-0
Fax +49 2674 9360-99

GesundLand Vulkaneifel

If you are at Hotel am Schwanenweiher, you were in the middle of the healthy country Vulkaneifel. Find out what it means to experience nature.

Indulge yourself in the heart of the volcanic Eifel. Give time for yourself and the peace that comes often too short in everyday life.